Huwebes, Agosto 25, 2011

Video Thumbnails in Windows 7 Doesn't Show

     Okay, so I was browsing the newly downloaded anime video files from my computer last night (since I love anime) and  I have noticed something which got me devastated. The video files from my computer (with formats like .avi, .mp4, .mpeg) are all shown not in thumbnails but in icons just like this!

     That's what got me irritated and so I looked through the internet about this kind of problem and guess what?? I saw that there were a lot of people who shares the same problem as I do! So I was like "Oh yeah! There could be a solution out there because a lot of people are also complaining about it!" And here are some of the solutions they came up with.

A. The Easy One
1. Open Windows Explorer
2. At the Upper Right portion you will find three (3) small icons namely:
  a. Change your view
  b. Show the preview pane
  c. Get help
3. Click the icon Change your view

     Your video icons will then return to its thumbnail form when you do this step. What? It doesn't work out? Try this one then.

B. The Moderate One
1. Open Windows Explorer
2. At the Upper Left portion you will find a down arrow after Organize and click it
3. Select Folder and search options
4. Select View
5. Under Files and Folders, uncheck Always show icons, never thumbnails

     So that's another way of making the thumbnails show according to my research through the web. What? Still doesn't work for you? Here's another one which might just help.

C. The "Kinda" One
1. Click the Start button
2. Right click on Computer
3. Select Properties
4. At the Upper Left portion you will find Advanced system settings and click it
5. Under Performance, click Settings
6. Under Customs, check Show thumbnails instead of icons
7. Click Apply and OK

     So that's the three ways where you can show the thumbnails for your videos and most of the people complaining at forums fixed theirs using one of these steps. Lastly, if you still can't fix your video thumbnails, try downloading K-Lite Codec with the latest version. If you guys know any other ways of showing the thumbnails back for videos please drop a comment or two. Thanks guys!

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