Sabado, Agosto 27, 2011

Evangelion 3.0: Quickening

Neon Genesis Evangelion, commonly referred to as Evangelion, is a commercially and critically successful Japanese anime series that began airing in October 1995. The series was highly influential, and launched the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. Hideaki Anno, the director of the anime series, suffered from clinical depression prior to creating the series, and the psychological aspects of the show are based on the director's own experiences with overcoming this illness. The characters of Evangelion are continuously struggling with their interpersonal relationships, their inner demons, and traumatic events in their pasts, creating a complex pattern of relationships.

It seems the main goal was to present characters who reflected the deep depression and eventual recovery that Anno experienced before beginning work on Evangelion; the characters all reflect at least a little of Anno. 

The character designs by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto have also contributed to the popularity of Evangelion.

           An announcement made after last night’s TV airing of the Evangelion 2.0 feature film on Fuji TV has confirmed that the long delayed third film “Evangelion 3.0: Quickening” is now slated for Fall of 2012. The announcement was made via an after credits trailer with the following narration:

"Ikari Shinji wakes up to find an unfamiliar boy standing next to him. And a new world awaits Shinji."

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