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Ano Hi Mita no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

     Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, also known as Ano Hana for short, is a 2011 Japanese anime television series produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai. The anime aired in Fuji TV's noitaminA block between April 15, 2011 and June 24, 2011.

       This anime packs a combination of action, suspense, romance, and drama. Its a very heartwarming and touching story which puts real life drama to shame. This anime showed the different types of love which also applies to every individual in reality.

      Unlike other anime in this season, Ano Hana has simple art style. The characters’ profiles somewhat miss a few details, and the color rather lacks dimension. However, the eyes are well-drawn and are particularly expressive. I also like the fact that we can see how the characters had physically grown-up from children to young adults. Evidently, their faces, hair style, clothing, and body sizes changed. The background—such as the houses, buildings, rails, etc. is neat and well constructed too. In addition, the music is enjoying and suits rightly to the mood. It has cool OP and ED songs.

     A group of six childhood friends drift apart after one of them, Meiko "Menma" Honma, dies in an accident. Several years after the incident, the leader of the group, Jinta Yadomi, has withdrawn from society and lives as a recluse. One summer day, an older looking Menma appears before him and asks to have a wish granted, though she does not remember what it is.
Jinta "Jintan" Yadomi
      As a child, Jinta was the de facto leader of the self-proclaimed Super Peace Busters. Jinta was energetic and outgoing during his childhood, but has become withdrawn and isolated due to the deaths of Meiko and his mother. After Meiko's death in an accident, the group of friends drifted apart, and Jinta eventually became a hikikomori, refusing to go to school and confining himself to his home. As a child, he was in love with Meiko but refused to admit it when asked. This started the chain of events that led to her accidental death. He believes that the Meiko that appears to him is not a ghost, but rather a manifestation of his stress, calling her "the beast of summer". He eventually becomes hesitant to grant her wish out of fear that she will vanish again. Nonetheless, Meiko's appearance encourages him to venture outside and reconnect with the members of the Super Peace Busters.

Meiko "Menma" Honma 
      Meiko died in an accident as a child, but appears before Jinta on a summer day. Although she is aware of her death, Meiko is talkative and lively. She greatly values the childhood memories and friendship she once shared with the others, and has very few memories other than recollections of her friends and family, including that she had once made a request to Jinta. When she appears to Jinta, she has aged somewhat, but still retains childlike speech patterns and tendencies. She is also clothed in the dress she was wearing the day that she died. Though only Jinta has the ability to see or hear her, Meiko appears to be able to interact with the world around her: opening doors, cooking food, eating, and even playing video games, with many of these activities shown in scenes without Jinta present. Characters that she embraces often feel that the air is heavier. She held Jinta in special regard when she was alive and still worries about his current state. The others call her by her childhood nickname 'Menma', and she similarly refers to the Super Peace Busters by their childhood nicknames. Jinta has stated that she is selfless, only crying when others are hurt. Meiko holds no grudges towards her friends for the accident. She hopes to pass on so that she can be reincarnated and once more be in the same world as her friends. She is of mixed Russian and Japanese ancestry.

Naruko "Anaru" Anjō 

      A childhood friend of Jinta and Meiko. Naruko displays a cold attitude towards Jinta, especially while in front of her friends, but is secretly worried about his wellbeing. Naruko is described as a person easily influenced by others, hanging out with and playing along with the actions of other girls around her even when she doesn't agree with them. She had admired Meiko, and strove to be like her when they were children, though she was simultaneously jealous of her relationship with Jinta. She attends the same high school as Jinta and is closest to him at the start of the series, even dropping off homework for him while he refuses to attend class. She tells him that she is disappointed by his current lifestyle, but still shows lingering feelings, even painting her nails before she goes to see him. She doubts Meiko's return, but remains jealous of the fact that Jinta still looks only at her, as well as guilt for asking the question that led to Meiko drowning. Atsumu states that both of them were left behind and are trapped by their unrequited feelings for Jinta and Meiko.

Atsumu "Yukiatsu" Matsuyuki 
      A childhood friend of Jinta and Meiko. In the present, Atsumu holds a condescending and hateful attitude towards Jinta. He becomes agitated whenever Meiko is mentioned and tries to hide that he is still distraught over her death. He and Chiriko attend the same elite high school, which Jinta was unable to enter due to failing the entrance exams. Atsumu is handsome, athletic, and popular, but still trapped by the memory of Meiko, keeping a white sundress similar to hers in his closet. He claimed that he could also see Meiko's spirit, and even spoke on her behalf, but this 'ghost' turned out to be Atsumu himself, who would wander the forests at night dressed in a wig and the white sundress. He took blame for Meiko's death, as he'd confessed feelings to her on the day of her accident, and says that he is the one that should be haunted by Meiko's ghost because of this. Although he stops crossdressing after he is caught, he is still tormented by the idea of Meiko's spirit appearing only to Jinta. Atsumu confides in Naruko on how they are both left behind by their unrequited feelings for Jinta and Meiko, saying that they are kindred spirits. Atsumu has a dark, manipulative side driven by both his affection for Meiko and his inferiority complex from childhood.

Chiriko "Tsuruko" Tsurumi 
      A childhood friend of Jinta and Meiko. Chiriko is the quiet observer of the group and has an extremely serious and logical personality. She and Atsumu are the only two that remain close friends as the years pass and attend the same elite high school. The two are seen together so often that they are mistaken for lovers by their classmates and a shopkeeper. She has feelings for Atsumu, as she shows contempt whenever she sees that he has not gotten over Meiko's death. She keeps the hairpin Atsumu threw away after being rejected by Meiko, even wearing it when alone. At times, she plays the voice of reason for Atsumu as well as the role of a guardian. She knew of his guilt over Meiko's death and suspected that he was crossdressing as a means of coping. She can be critical of others, and in particular scolds Naruko for her habit of following others. She often sketches while idle, even doodling Atsumu wearing Meiko's sundress. Chiriko still feels indifferent over Meiko's return, doubting what her intentions are or if she has truly forgiven everyone. She admits to Naruko that she is in love with Atsumu, but believes that he will never love her back because she cannot win against Meiko. Chiriko feels that he is irreplaceable to her, thus she aids the effort to have Meiko achieve nirvana.

Tetsudō "Poppo" Hisakawa
      A childhood friend of Jinta and Meiko. During their childhood, he had great admiration for Jinta and frequently called him 'amazing' or 'cool'. He admits that he was always grateful to the group for including him as he was an awkward child. Although he has dropped out of school, he is a world traveler that earns money by taking various part-time jobs and lives in the old secret base when not abroad. Tetsudo is worldly and mellow. He is eager to see the Super Peace Busters get back together, believing instantly that Jinta could see and talk to Meiko. He is the first to directly tell Meiko that he will fulfill her wish and help her spirit pass on. When the group fights, he is often the one that takes initiative to smooth things out. Tetsudo hides the deep guilt he feels over his role in the incident.
       Watch it and you'll never regret watching it!

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