Miyerkules, Agosto 24, 2011

The Creepy Shocker

     Okay, so I was looking through the net about the latest animes and mangas and guess what? I saw this link wherein the page was written in Korean characters because I think Korean characters are similar to Japanese characters but they (Korean) have a lot of circles in their characters. Like this "o". Haha!

     Korean comics are called "manhwa" while Japanese comics are called "manga". They differ from each other in their style of scene delivery. In Japanese manga, the scenes are delivered by reading from the top right scene going to the left. So basically it's just like reading an American book but starting at the last page (I don't know what's the rationale of reading like this though and I'm not questioning or discriminating cultures either to be clear). That's the way of the manga while in a Korean "manhwa", the scenes are delivered by reading from the the top to the bottom of the page. That's the difference of a manga and a manhwa.

     Well anyway, as i was saying, I saw this link and I thought i should take a look at it since the front page looks kinda creepy. I looked at it (because I can't read Korean characters), and guess what happens next. Here's the link and try it. Also, I would not recommend this for those who are weak of heart. Please click the +1 button below to recommend this to other people across the globe. Thanks guys!


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